E1A Training Opportunity

Work Incentives Practioner Credential Training

February 22-25, 2021

February WIP Training

Deadline to Apply: January 31, 2021

Work Incentives Practitioner Training

Virtual Training

February 22-26, 2021

A limited number of seats available.

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The Work Incentive Practitioner credential will prepare participants to assist individuals who receive benefits from SSA and other federal and state agencies, based on disability, to return to work or enter the work force for the first time. Planning is necessary to allow the individual to make informed choices about work while knowing the impact of earned income on all benefits within their individual portfolio.

The participant will receive an intensive, hands on, interactive training session that will cover SSA, the disability programs it administers, the work incentives available to workers, as well the impact of earnings on other benefits such as housing, SNAP, TANF, and health care. Following the 5 day session, there will be a two week study period to prepare for the on-line examination. There will be a review webinar held during this two week period where specific exercises will be reviewed and then your instructors will be ready to take on any questions you may have.

The on-line exam results in a PASS/FAIL score. Those who PASS will then move into the Practicum, and final phase of the credentialing protocol. Participants will work with a client who need planning services and will submit specific sections of the file to the instructors for review. Upon successful completion, the participant will be credentialed as a Work Incentive Practitioner. Continuing Education is required to maintain the credential and the practitioner will earn 60 hours of CEU efforts during the 5 year period immediately after earning credentials. Credentials will be renewed for an additional period should the participant successfully earn 60 units during the initial credentialing period.

There will be a selection process for attending this class

Only 30 applicants will be selected for this class
*Selections will be made based on agency need, population served, and demographic location

Those interested in attending this class must commit to:

  • Attending the entire 5-day class
  • Taking the required credentialing exam
  • Completing the practicuum upon passing the exam
  • Complete annual CEUs and re-credential, as required

*The trainers from Cornell are committed to ensure that everyone attending has the needed support to pass the exam (through several attempts) and pass the practicuum, in order to receive the credential required to provide Work Incentives Counseling in NC.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming class, please complete the attached application by January 31, 2021.

Secure your seat TODAY!